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Sell Your Opticians

Selling your independent optician business with us is easy!!

Once you buy one of our sales plans we will create your ad and then present your business to potential buyers!

Our rates are the lowest in the industry at £100 + 2.5% commission.

We are UK's leading independent optician business sales platform!!

We will create your advert on your behalf and start the marketing process for your business!!

For just £100 for 3 months your advert includes:

Visible On Our Website

Presented to Potential Buyers

Email Campaign To Other Practice Owners

Email Campaign To Optoms, DO's, AO's, Practice Managers

Advert Presented Nationally

Provide Information To Buyers

Arrange Viewings

Negotiate Between You And The Buyer

Get Your Business Sold

Not sure how much your business is worth? Use our Valuation Calculator and get a instant estimate right away!!

You Must Buy a Plan To Register